About Us

Joaquín Aviñó Lopez arrived in Puerto Rico by the end of 1970 after working as a cabinetmaker in his native Cuba. Once established in Puerto Rico in a small carpentry shop, he immediately realized the need to manufacture wood jambs and doors, manufactured according to the necessities and conditions of a warm and rainy weather. It was necessary to produce and offer in the local market, a wood jamb / door, made in Puerto Rico, at a reasonable cost and using local workmanship. That is how this project was initiated, which was only a dream during the beginning of the scheme, to transform into a reality.

Mr. Aviñó started operations as a individual proprietorship, becoming a domestic corporation in 1974. Since that year he was assisted by one of his daughters, Norma, who learned the secrets of the business and woodworking. His other daughter Zuzel, became part of the management group in 1978. In the beginning of 1999, one of his grandchildren, Alejandro, joined the team. This young man, since he was a kid, used to accompany and learned the secrets of the old man. So, three generations are represented in this family corporation.

Today, Joaquin Aviñó , Inc. has more than four production lines, where doors of different sizes and types, are manufactured to be later distributed to hardware shops and construction contractors in Puerto Rico and some Caribbean islands.